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Cenbion Medical Solutions

Engineering Medical Solutions

About Cenbion Medical Solutions

Cenbion Medical Solutions’ (CMS) goal is to provide innovative, cost-effective Environmental and RFID Inventory Management Solutions for our clients regardless of size of scope of the problem.

Our Services

TRACK – Enterprise Resource Control

RFID Inventory | Receiving | Production | Sales Orders | Quality Control | Asset Tracking

Inventory Management Solutions include (but are not limited to): 

Bio Medical Devices/Hardware

Environmental Monitoring

In addition to Inventory Management, we provide:

Refrigerator/Freezer Solutions

Temperature Alerts
Door Monitoring

Mission Statement

We are a team of engineers who bring a vast array of experience to our clients. We help direct our clients to the best solution for their company and their unique situation. Unlike many firms, we work with companies of all shapes and sizes. We believe in honesty, integrity, and personal attention. We will work hard for you because we want to help you grow your business. 

Why Choose Cenbion Medical Solutions


CMS’s Vision is to become the premiere RFID inventory management and monitoring  company across all healthcare sectors by 2036.  


At CMS, we understand that each client has unique needs that require unique solutions. Our team of professionals brings a vast array of experience to bear, with one goal in mind: finding the right solution for YOU.  

Innovative Inventory Management Solutions

At CMS, we pride ourselves on providing innovative and cost-effective solutions for clients of all sizes. Whether you need to manage/track medical devices, pharmaceuticals, personnel, or monitor your environment, our comprehensive solutions have got you covered. Partner with us today and experience the future of engineered solutions.

EMS – Environmental Monitoring Solution

Get rid of the manual process, remove human error, and eliminate the chance that you may not catch a dangerous environmental fluctuation in time.

Whether you are storing pharmaceuticals, organs, tissues, or other biomaterial, EMS keeps your vital inventory safe, your institution compliant and clear of potential investigations and fines.

EMS utilizes advanced technologies to provide an efficient, stable, and secure. Our turnkey system leverages your existing Wi-Fi network through a combination of wireless sensors and a powerful cloud based monitoring platform.

TRACK – Enterprise Control Solution

CMS’s Enterprise Control Solution “TRACK” is an all-purpose solution composed of cutting- edge technologies giving manufactures, warehouses, and distribution centers, unprecedented control and visibility of all day-to-day operations, built-around RFID technology.

TRACK is designed to address the most pressing concerns of any organization, such as inventory accuracy (quantity / location / cost), as well as computerizing all aspects of operations such as shop floor controls, warehouse management, production scheduling & management, quality control management, centralized communications, with real-time alerts and data-analytics.

A typical deployment is composed of software, fixed RFID sensors throughout the facilities, Hand-Held RFID scanners, RFID Printers, and tablets.

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